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 Service Manual

Zuma 50F


Michelin Boppers!

Michelin....when you care enough to scoot on the very best!

The advanced design of the Michelin Bopper delivers amazing performance.

With impressive grip even at full lean, the Bopper inspires confidence thanks to its excellent feedback and control.

The directional tread pattern ensures maximum stability during acceleration and cornering.

Maneuverable and lively, the Bopper is a favorite among 'freestyle' riders.

And yes! They are good in the rain!

As a bonus, when you eliminate the stock factory "block" pattern tread you pick up about 11/2 miles per hour.)

Front 120 / 90 x 10

Rear 120 / 90 x 10

Best "Pavement only" tire on the market!





Replace those junk stock tires with the finest in on/off road tires available!

Michelin....when you care enough to scoot on the very best!

Reggae Dual Purpose Tire

Block-style tread pattern and excellent grip makes the Reggae the tire for scooters on the move.

Highly capable on loose surfaces, the Reggae is a true all-season tire for on and off road use.

Front 120 / 90 x 10

Rear 120 / 90 x 10

Best dual purpose tire on the market!

Continental Performance Tires

  • High Performance for modern scooters
  • Superb handling and stability at top speeds
  • Precise cornering and secure grip in all weather conditions

Front 120 / 70 x 10

Rear 120 / 70 x 10



 Complete Tire Repair Kit
Don't leave home without it! Ever get stuck with a flat? Repairing flat tires is quick and easy with the Emergency Tire Repair Kit. After plugging your damaged tire, inflation is a breeze. Takes only seconds to fill and be back on the road.
Kit Includes:
• Three cartridges
• Tire reamer and
T-Handle tool
• Five tire "rope" plugs
• Rubber cement
• Assorted patches
• Scuffer
• 5"x6.5" carrying case

(Designed to fit under seat)


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Page 1 Exhaust Systems 
Page 2  Belts, Springs, Hotwire, Spark Plugs
Page 3 
Page 4  Variators, Clutch, Belts 
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7 Brakes, Mstr Cyl Cover, Brake Knob 
Page 8 Tires, Tire Repair Kit
Page 9 Front Suspension
Page 10 Rear Suspension 
Page 11 Dual Head Light Mod - Battery - "Smart" Battery Tender
Page 12 Lock - Alarm, Safety Vest -Handguards-Dash Trim
Page 13 Saddle Bags, Travel Trunk, License Frame, Red Light Changer
Page 14 
Page 15
Page 16 Tech Tips 
Page 17 Engine Work 


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