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Service Manual

This is a "must have" if you are going to do your own work.

  • Horizontal Engine Parts Manual
  • Vertical Engine Parts Manual
  • Service manual
  • Tech Tips

Why guess at what you are doing?

Corbin....the motorsports industry's leader in saddle making!


 Mike Corbin and his merry band of helpers have been making saddles for motorcycles for at least the last 25 years! The QUALITY, STYLE and COMFORT is unsurpassed! This quest to be the best has now come to the Zuma
The ergonomic shaping of the saddle naturally makes a nice flowing line on the scooter. Also notice how well the Corbin basepan fits to the shape
of the Zuma tail section.
This gives you an excellent
blend of comfort AND style.


Complete installation instructions and care suggestions for your new saddle included. Easy!
High-density Comfort Cell® foam material gives firm support that doesn't break down.


 Total riding enjoyment!

Replace those ugly round mirrors!



Direct Replacement

25% more viewing area (NOT convex)

High Quality

Priced Right!

(Shown on a 125cc Zuma, fits both 50cc and 125cc)



Awesome Easy to use Lock!

Loud Automatic Arming Alarm!

The Xena is a convenient and cost effective theft deterrent that does double duty as a disc lock as well as a piercing 110db alarm: All this in a compact and attractive designed disc lock that fits in the palm of your hand.

The body and key barrel are designed to withstand picking, tampering and blunt shock.

Simply attach the lock to your Zuma's disc and the alarm's sophisticated electronic unit arms itself; any motion or metal strike shock sets off a very clear warning to any would-be thief, and makes any sustained attempt to move your bike very uncomfortable and conspicuous.

While the main advantage of this disc lock is theft deterrence, it's other key advantage with the
built in alarm eliminates the possibility of you riding away before removing the disc lock and wrecking a fork leg or brake caliper or both. While many other style disc locks typically have a reminder strap or some other device to let you not forget you have your disc lock installed, the on-board 110db alarm makes it pretty obvious, even with a helmet and earplugs, to not start riding away until the lock has been removed!

 Key Features

* Auto-Alarming System
* Push-Down Locking System
* Eight month battery life
* 110dB Warning Siren
* Dual Shock & Movement Sensors
* Ideal commuter security
* 7mm locking pin with 2" depth

Fits the Zuma Perfectly



Master Padlock Quantum Cuff



Heavy Duty!

6' Long braided steel, vinyl coated cable

Super Strong Hand-Cuff Type Lock Assembly

Easily Fits under the seat for storage





3" Cuff diameter to fit fork tubes, frames, sign posts, and parking meters

This is an awesome easy to use lock that stores easily and is very versatile

We use this to lock scooter to back of Motorhome when traveling

Easily fits around a sign post or telephone pole for in town use.




Yet another great addition to the Prima line of locks, the Prima Disc Lock is the simplest and most economical way to deter potential scooter thieves. Using a 5.5 mm pin, this lock will mount to the vast majority of scooters in the US.


Simply attach the lock to your Zuma's disc!
Includes an orange handlebar cable tether to remind you that the lock is in place, 2 keys, and a handy pouch to keep your lock clean and safe when not in use.




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Page 2  Belts, Springs, Hotwire, Reeds,Rollers, Tuning Kits, Spark Plugs
Page 3  Big Bore Cylinder Kits, Crank Shafts, Main Bearings,Copper Head Gasket 
Page 4  Variators, Transmission Kits, Clutch, Belts, Rollers, Tuning Kits 
Page 5 Final Drive
Page 6 Carburators, Jet Kit, Air Cleaners,Throttle Cable, Reeds
Page 7 Brakes, Steel Braided Brake Line, Mstr Cyl Cover, Brake Knob 
Page 8 Tires, Tire Repair Kit - Service & Parts Manual
Page 9 Front Suspension, Steering Bear, Wheel Bear Kit, Fork Boots
Page 10 Rear Suspension 
Page 11 Dual Head Light Mod - Battery - Chargers- Starter Motor-Starter Relay
Page 12 Corbin Seat- Service Manual - Lock/Alarm, Safety Vest 
Page 13 Saddle Bags, Trunks, Cooler, License Frame, Red Light Changer,Cover
Page 14  2008-2011 Zuma Fix it Kit 
Page 15 Race Replica Body Kit 
Page 16 Tech Tips 
Page 17 Engine Work 


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